Show Diary 2021

Please Note: All shows and dates are subject to changes regarding regulations governing Coronavirus (Covid 19).
Date Show Judge/s
18/04/21 ESS of Wales Open Show: Judge – Mrs S Sturrock: Stakes – Miss H Osborne
25/04/21 WELKS Mrs D M Morgan
01/05/21 NESS Open Dual Show A: Anthony Allen: Dual Show B: Julien Barney
07/05/21 Birmingham Nat Mrs M Withey
23/05/21 SKC Mrs L A Cooper
30/05/21 Bath Mr D J Bell
06/06/21 Southern Counties Mrs C J Tucker
13/06/21 Three Counties Mr J K Roberts
19/06/21 Border Union Mr E Stephenson
19/06/21 ESS of Scotland Dogs – Miss L A Buckley: Bitches – Mrs C D Smith
26/06/21 Blackpool Mr D W Shields
01/07/21 Windsor Mrs G M Sykes
04/07/21 ESA Open Show Judge – Elaine Roberts: Stakes – Mhari Vallance
10/07/21 East Of England Mrs V Mcloughlin
17/07/21 Crufts Mrs Maureen Collier
TBC NESS Dual Ch Show 2 – Mr R Blomme: Referee – Mrs S Wallis
Dual Ch Show 1 – Miss G A Williams: Referee – Mrs S Wallis
18/07/21 SESS Open Mrs W Johnson: Awards – Miss O Danks-Kermish
24/07/21 Leeds Ann Derry
01/08/21 Nat Gundog Mrs J Isherwood
07/08/21 Paignton Mr G R Haran
14/08/21 Bournemouth Mr J Horswell
15/08/21 ESA Dual Ch Sh Show 1 – Ms J M Miller: Referee – Mrs L Taylor
Show 2 – Mrs P Williams: Referee – Mrs L Taylor
21/08/21 WKC Mrs D Stewart-Ritchie
27/08/21 Driffield
28/08/21 MESS Dogs – Mr J D Martin: Bitches – Mrs T Lewis:
05/09/21 City Birmingham
10/09/21 Richmond
18/09/21 Darlington Mrs L Armstrong-Rodgers
26/09/21 ESS of Wales Ch Show Dogs – Miss D E Loynd: Bitches – Mrs R Martin: Referee – To follow
10/10/21 SWKA Mrs G Baker
13/10/21 GDS of Wales
31/10/21 Mid Counties Mrs S D Loakes
06/11/21 Setter & Pointer Mrs M Taylor
13/11/21 ESS of Scotland Open With GBAS: to be confirmed
13/11/21 GBAS Mrs Fran Grimsdell
21/11/21 SESS Dogs – Mrs S Full: Bitches: Mrs S Rumble: Referee: Mrs J Day
11/12/21 LKA Chris Sayers

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